• Is a set of Awareness, Assertiveness, Verbal Confrontation Skills, Safety Strategies, and Physical Techniques.


  • Enabling someone to escape unhurt or unharmed, resist, and survive the attack. 


  • A course/classes or program which provides Psychological Awareness and Verbal Skills, not just Physical Training.


  • Help you to prepare responses to slow down, de-escalate or intercept an attack, escape unhurt and unharmed. 


  • Our WSPA classes are unique and different;

       1. We teach you the basic principles and practical practices.

       2. We teach you how to stay focus, be aware, stay alert, be calm, to react and avoid.

       3. We equipped you with easy to apply counter techniques. example: Rear Choke, Frontal Knife Attack, Grappling and much more. 


  • These Classes are suitable for, either solo traveler, working adults, stayed home mom's, student(s) going overseas for studies and the ederly. 


  • WSPA's cater for an individual, group and corporate company. We have worked with a number of corporate companies and individual group since. 

Women's Self-Protection Awareness Basic to Intermediate @ Our Venue (Previous & New Centre)

Our price as below: 


  1. Private session (1 to 1) = $50.00

  2. Drop-In session = $25.00

  3. Basic session of 8 = $150.00

  4. Intermediate, Group and Corporate Class = Call for enquiry.

A talk @ Wings, Bishan
Introduction to Women's Self-Protection Awareness.
Danone's WSPA Talk
A 1 day Introduction of Women's Self-Protection Awareness.
St Luke Hospital WSPAIntro
Women's Self-Protection Awareness.
St Luke WSDA Practical
Participants re-enact the scene of mounting attack and re-counter.
WSPA - Completion 2015
They has completed their WSPA bringing their knowledge out to the world.
WSPA Class 2014
Learned the basic technique
WSPA Class 2014
Explanation of step by step techniques.
WSPA Class 2014
Applying technique during practical
WSPA Class 2014
Beginners learn the first basic of hand to hand combat
WSPA Class 2014
First step of basic introduction to Self Defence
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DSP Clinic & Chaiya

Monday -  Friday 

10am - 7:00 pm


10am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday / Sunday / Public Holiday


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WSPA - Completion 2015

They has completed their WSPA bringing their knowledge out to the world.