At Kru Mak's Muay Thai, we are dedicated to teaching you the authentic Muay Thai with a step by step system introduced by the Muay Thai International Association of Thailand, Thailand. From basic to intermediate to advanced, techniques and movements, counter and defensive. A proper stance of footwork, punches & elbowing and more. This workout is no limitation. It will shape and bind you with speed, agility, power, balance, and coordination into one. It will test your strength, endurance, and agility with high-intensity total body workout. If you are looking for a non-competitive, friendly training environment yet fun, this class is for you.


Come, join us and immerse yourself for an explosive experience. 

You are required to come in comfortable properly attires. We strongly suggested, you to bring your own boxing gloves, shin pads, and hand wraps for hygienic reasons. Please be adviced, at Kru Mak's Muay Thai, one is not allowed to wear attire bearing the logo of other Muay Thai center or revealing clothing.


At Kru Mak's Muay Thai we believe in and fostering:- 



Our classes are open for kids (age 9-12 years), students, stayed home mom, working adults & silver years citizen. There are few classes to choose to suit your timing or your kids. The classes are categorized into Kids Class, Group Class and Private Class (1 to 1 with Kru Mak).

Muay Thai Grading

Grading is the best way of progression to the next level. The level is from Grade 1 to Grade 10. At Mak's Muay Thai, we graded students based on MTIA (Muay Thai International Associations) Guidelines and accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education. Certificates and prajieds (colors armbands) when you pass the level requirement exam. Muay Thai grading will be conducted twice a year.


For more information about the Muay Thai Class, Grading costs and timing, and to register your interest, please call the number printed below


Our class timing:

Check out our classes schedule. Class booking is required. 



  • Comfortable attires, bring your own boxing gloves, hand wraps, skipping ropes, shin pads, and elbow pads. 

  • Bring your towel(s).

  • Packed your own drink to hydrate.

  • Work out either Indoor or Outdoor or both. 

  • No class on the eve of public holiday or public holiday. 

  • For hygiene purpose, we don't provide hand wrap, boxing gloves, shin pads or elbow pads.  

  • One is not allowed to wear attire bearing a logo of other Muay Thai center or revealing clothing.

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