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Michael Aatu Keoru, or known as MAK by his Thai colleagues, was a monk in Udon Thani, Northern Isan, which is 560 km from Bangkok, where he first took up Muay Thai in 1991. He has more than 25 years experienced under his belt with a number of disciplines in Martial Arts, Self Defence & Hand to Hand Combat.

A certified Kru Muay Thai by Muay Thai International Association of Thailand under the umbrella of Thailand Ministry of Education with accreditation to conduct Muay Thai Grading and Muay Thai Referee was presented with a Golden Mongkol.

He is a Muay Thai practitioner with more than 15 years in Muay Thai and 12 competition fight experienced under his belt. Now, he teaches Get Fit with Muay Thai and Authentic Muay Thai at DSP Clinic and Chaiya.


He retired from competition to start his own Muay Thai and Muay Thai Boran Class back in Perth at his parent home in 2001 till 2003, then return to Thailand to continue his practices in Muay Thai while still working with the family business. In 2008, he returned back for Muay Thai competition which is his last competition fight and fully retired.


Get Fit with Muay Thai

Get Fit with Muay Thai is a form of high-intensity level of training and exercises to keep fit. This type of exercise is not only for active person but for those who wanted to lose weight with different preferences of workout or just to keep fit. With this workout, you will be guided thru each level of intensity, keeping the heart rate moving and burning calories.  This is suitable from novice to intermediate. You will embark into a different level of intensity either it is just to get fit, hobby or lifestyle.


Authentic Muay Thai

For this level, a student will train from the novice level to the next. This level of Muay Thai will require a student to take up the grading. Each grading is progressive and taking upgrading, helps you to improve your level and gauge your standard.


Get Fit with Muay Thai or Authentic Muay Thai, each participant and student will learn the proper fundamental of step by step system of punching techniques, kicking or elbowing, foot movement and so on. We practice a solution to minimize and accessing each of participant and student well-being. We believe in enjoying the training and workout, without getting hurt and having fun.


His practice is based on Physical Fitness Agility, Humility, Discipline, Respect, Self-Control, Sportsmanship, Commitment, Encouraging, Competitiveness, and Self- Esteem.


​Besides teaching Muay Thai, he also conducts weekly boot camp on Sunday at fort canning park. And from time to time, he looks after general athletics as a Sports Massage Therapist. 


  • A Certified KRU Muay Thai by MUAY THAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION which is accredited by the Thailand Ministry of Education.

  • Ministry of Education Registered Instructor.

  • National Registered Coach  Singapore.

  • A Certified Sports Trainer with Sports Medicine Australia.

  • A Certified First Aider (Standard First Aid CC1701454 / CPR + AED CC1701470).

  • Attended a Values and Principles in Sports by Sport Singapore.

  • Awarded the 2nd Dan in Taekwondo by the Tae kwon – Do International in1994.

  • A Certified practitioner of Muay Thai Boran by the World Muay Boran Federation in 2001.

  • Attended Sitnarong International Muay Thai Championship 2008 (highest points award)

  • A Certified Self Defense Instructor.

  • A Certified Personal Trainer with FISAF International.

  • A certified Sports Massage Therapist with Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

  • Group Boots Camp Physical Trainer.