Miss. Xu


“I have never been the sort to do martial arts but i thought learning a self defense is good for anybody. So i took a series of ladies self defense taught by DSP Director Michael. The class taught me useful techniques that is beneficial if i travel alone. i feel confident in knowing what to do if i am being mugged or attack. I would encourage all ladies to try this class" - 30's Professional

Mrs. Sarah. J
Perth, Australia
“We see an improvement in Joseph’s attitude and behaviour at home and in class. You took him under your wing and learning kid muay thai chaiya has taken a great change in him. We are thankful to you”
- (Mom of Joseph’s)
Ms. Linda, Joyce & Shauna

Perth, Australia

“Thank you very much for your knowledge and concerned in helping us in ladies self defense classes. It is a very useful method and techniques that we had learned from you. It is simple, easy to learn and yet effective. You took the time and patience to teach us beyond the commitment" - 20's University Students

Mr. Danny Chew

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I am just an average slim guy and don't have much confident in myself and my well being. When i took Michael's class of Self Defense, i was not near any clue about Self Defense or Martial Arts. With his guidance and willingness to spend extra time to teach and explained i have more confident in myself. Learning Self Defense has taught me about value, respect and moral principals. To Michael, thank you very much for your guidance and commitments. I have learned many things. Thank you again" - Student 19

Ms. Linda Lim

Brunei DarulSalam, 

“I want to thank you and appreciate all the time you have spent and taught me to be more confident to be able to defend and protect myself off at univeristy if i ever needs to. I really enjoys the class and the challenge to become better and better. Your program is so successful for all ages.Thank you again for your time and encouragement and best of luck with all your future plans for the continued growth of your program" - 19 Student

Mr. Simon H.S

Brunei DarulSalam, 

“I want to acknowldge Michael publicly for his professionalism, knowledge and his guidance, taking my son Rashiddy Simon under his wing in Muay Chaiya & Self Defense programme. I see changes in my son. He has become more independent, confident and enjoys the programme and become healthy and fit. He is always looking forward for the classes. Thank you Michael for all you did to mold my son to be a better person. I wishes you with the Best of luck and successful" - Father of 11 years old Rashiddy's

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