The 16th Asia Pacific Dance Competition was held in singapore from 28th - 31st August 2014. DSP Clinic & Chaiya is proud to be part of the 16th Asia Pacific Dance Competition Sponsorships. 

Asia Pacific Dance Competition
28th - 31 August 2014
APDC Pres/Dir/Judges
Ms. Diane Gepp / Ms. Rosa Park / Ms. Chihiro Uchida / Ms. Debbie McRitchie
16th APDC Evening
Ms. Adda Sue
16th APDC Evening
Ms. Hannah / Ms Chihiro Uchida / Ms. Adda / Ms. Rosa Park
16th APDC Evening 2014
Ms Adda @ 16th APDC evening
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Saint Luke's Women's Self Defense Awareness Class 2015 - Complete Basic 8 type of different technique training

WSDA Intro
Thank you to Mr. Chris for helping & organised such classes for St Luke's employees.
WSDA Class
Group taking part on section 7 practical
WSDA Class
Participants listen and discussing on technique before the practical begin.
WSDA Class
Participants learned how to react to any circumstances.
WSDA Class 2015
Fun Groups. Well Done Girls! for completing the courses.
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Women's Self Defense Awareness 1 day Workshop 2015 @ Danone Nutricia

WSDA Workshop
WSDA @ Danone Nutricia
Explaining of the possible scenario
WSDA @ Danone Nutricia
How to utilise your body as a weapon
WSDA @ Danone Nutricia
Participants taking part in trying the techniques
WSDA @ Danone Nutricia
Participants trying out the technique with fun and laughter
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Women's Self Defense Awareness Free Talk @ Wings Bishan Centre 2016

WSDA @ Wings
A free talk on Women's Self Defense Awareness by Michael A. Keoru / Ms. Adda & the participants.
Can violent be prevented?
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Health Talk on Back Care @ Lanxess, 2016

Back Care Talk @ LanXess
Introduction to back care by Our Physiotherapist, Ms. Adda Sue
Back Care Talk
Greeting and introduction by the Lanxess's organiser
Back Care Explanation
Ms. Adda Sue, explained why we need to care for our back
Demo - Back Care
Showing a simple exercise you can do in the comfort of your office
Back Care Talk
Participants listened and get to ask question related to back care
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16th APDC Evening

Ms. Hannah / Ms Chihiro Uchida / Ms. Adda / Ms. Rosa Park